ADO.NET DataView in VB.NET

In this article I will explain about understanding DataView in ADO.NET.
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A DataView represents a view a DataSet object. You can set filters on the data or sort on data in the DataSet through different DataViews and produce different views of the data. For example, you can create a DataSet with three tables and create three different DataView objects for each table. Once you have a Data View object, you can attach it with any data-bound Control. Such as a DataGrid or a ComboBox control using data-bound control using data- bound control's DataSource property.

To create a DataView at design-time, drag the DataView from Toolbox > Data onto your form. Then create a DataSet object and set the DataView's table property to a table in the typed DataSet (see figure 4-55).


Figure 4-55. Data View properties window


Hope this article would have helped you in understanding DataView in ADO.NET. See my other articles on the website on ADO.NET.


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