ASP.Net Toolbox in VB.NET(Login Control): Part 5

In this article we will discuss, ASP.Net Toolbox controls and its uses. In this article I am only writing some lines on each and every control available in Login Control section.
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Toolbox is very-very important building block of .NET Framework. Toolbox is an area where all the controls existed. It helps the developer to develop any application very quickly, only drag the control from the toolbox and drop it on the form. To change its properties we have to select the control and make the properties changes from Properties window. We can do it manually by writing code-behind. There are over 100 controls available in ASP.NET 4.0. I am listing here all the controls available in ASP.NET 4.0 and writing some lines on each of them.


5. Login Controls:

Login Controls are used to create features like user can login, change the password, create new user, password recovery etc. Such controls are very useful in web applications.

  • Pointer: It is just a pointer. If we drag any other control on form it causes to create that control on form but pointer does not create any control on form. In other word we can say, we select it for to ignore any other selected control.
  • ChangePassword: This control is used to provide the user a function to change the existing password. In the process of changing password user have to provide his old password and then new password. We can use functionality to this control to send the user password change confirmation by email.
  • CreateUserWizard: This control is used to create new user. We can add additional steps to collect more information from user. We also can add functionality to this control to send the user email containing his username and password.
  • Login: This control is used to provide the user functionality to login in website. This control contains two textboxes for username and password; one checkbox control for to remember password and one button.
  • LoginName: This control is used to display the current logged-in/authenticated user name on web page. We can add the functionality to this control to display "Guest" when no one is authenticated to website.
  • LoginStatus: This control is used to display the information that user is currently authenticated or not. If user is authenticated then it will display a link like "Logout" and if not then "Login".
  • LoginView: This control is used to display the user's authentication status and roles.
  • PasswordRecovery: This control provides the functionality to recover the forgotten password. We can also add function to send the email containing password to user when user request for password.

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