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This article describe about Backstage view in Word 2010.
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Backstage view

It has been introduced in Word 2010 and works as the central place for manage your document. For help of backstage view we can create a new document, saving and opening documents, printing and sharing document etc.

Viewing the backstage View is very easy: Just click the File tab, present at the upper-left corner in the Ribbon. If you did not open any document currently then, you will all recently opened document list.


If you already open a document then it show the detail about the document. In three column that give option for taking permission etc.


Option Description
Save Open save dialog box for newly created and ask document name. in existing document save as.
Save As Save as dialog box open and asking document name and extension in existing document
Open It is used for open the existing word document.
Close It is used to close the open word document.
Info Display information about opened document.
Recent It contain name of all recently open word document.
New It is used for open a new document
Print It is used to print the open document.
Save & Send It is used to save the open document and give the option to send through email.
Help This option give the help about Word 2010.
Option It is used for various option related to word document.
Exit It is used for close the document and exit.

Information about document

Click on the Info option present in the first column, it show the several information in the second column of the backstage view.

  • Compatibility mode: If your document is written in recently word 2007/2010 then convert button appear here make the compatible otherwise not appear this option.
  • permission: This option is used for the protect your word document. you can set password or you can lock your document for prevent the modification.
  • Prepare for Sharing: Before knowing important information highlight this option. for example record you may edit for develop your document.
  • Version: If a document is saved several time and you want to use previous one then use this option.

Document properties

Click on the Info option present in the first column, it show the several properties in the third column of the backstage view. In this properties include document size, page, total number of words in the document etc.

We can also edit several properties, click on the property value if value is editable then display the textbox, where we can insert new modified value.

Exit Backstage view

Two simple way from the exit of Backstage view

  1. Click on the File tab
  2. press Ecs button from your keyboard.

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