Basic standards of SQLite.NET

In this article I will explain basic standards of SQLite.NET.
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It is a .NET Framework Class Library provided by


Data Source=filename;Version=3;

Using UTF-16

Data Source=filename;Version=3;UseUTF16Encoding=True;


With password

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Password=myPassword;


Using the pre 3.3x database format

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Legacy Format=True;


With connection pooling

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Pooling=False;Max Pool Size=100;


Read only connection

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Read Only=True;


Using DateTime.Ticks as datetime format

Data Source=filename;Version=3;DateTimeFormat=Ticks;


Store GUID as text

Data Source=filename;Version=3;BinaryGUID=False;


Specify cache size

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Cache Size=2000;


Specify page size

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Page Size=1024;


Disable enlistment in distributed transactions

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Enlist=N;


Disable create database behaviour

Data Source=filename;Version=3;FailIfMissing=True;


Limit the size of database

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Max Page Count=5000;


Disable the Journal File

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Journal Mode=Off;


Persist the Journal File

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Journal Mode=Persist;

Controling file flushing

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Synchronous=Full;

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