Bdehdcfg Target Command In Windows Server 2008

This article describes the command Bdehdcfg Target command in Windows Server 2008 operating system and syntax related with it.
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Bdehdcfg command is used to prepares a partition for use as a system drive by BitLocker and system recovery. By default this partition is created without a drive letter. Syntax used for Bdehdcfg Target command is given below.


bdehdcfg -target {default | unallocated | <DriveLetter> shrink | <DriveLetter> merge}

Parameters For Bdehdcfg Target

Parameter Description
default Indicates that the command-line tool will follow the same process as the BitLocker setup wizard.
unallocated Creates the system partition out of the unallocated space available on the disk.
<DriveLetter> shrink Reduces the drive specified by the amount necessary to create an active system partition.
<DriveLetter> merge Uses the drive specified as the active system partition.

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