Boxing And Unboxing in C#

There are we are going to learn about Boxing and Unboxing.
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In object-oriented programming , method are invoked using objects. since value type such as int and long are not object, we cannot use them to call methods. C# enables us to achieve this through a technique know as boxing. Boxing means the conversion of a value type on the stack to a object type. and voice-versa is unboxing.


Any type , value or reference can be assigned to an object without an explicit conversion. When the compiler finds a value type where it need a reference type, it creates an object  box into which it places the value of the value type.


Unboxing is the process of converting  the object into value type.


int i = 123;
object o = (object)i; // boxing
Console.WriteLine("value of o object:-"+i);
o = 323;
i = (
int)o; //unboxing
Console.WriteLine("value of i:- "+o);



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