Calculate Number Of Days Between Two Dates in VB.NET

Here, we will see how To calculate Number Of Days Between Two Dates.
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This is Simple Way Of calculating Number Of Days Between Two Dates . User Can Select Two

Dates By  DateTimePicker and He Can Calculate Number Of Days. For This, Take a Window Form ,

Two Labels , Two DateTimePicker and a Button. Then Set the Properties Of These Controls as ,


Set Its Name as Start Date and End Date by it's Text Property.


Set its Format Property as Short.


Set its Name as Calculate  By its Text Property. Then Form Will Look Like below figure1.



After This Write The Following Code On Double Click Of Calculate Button.

Private Sub btnCalculate_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs)Handles btnCalculate.Click

        If True Then

            Dim dt1 As DateTime = Convert.ToDateTime(DateTimePicker1.Text)

            Dim dt2 As DateTime = Convert.ToDateTime(DateTimePicker2.Text)

            Dim ts As TimeSpan = dt2.Subtract(dt1)

            If Convert.ToInt32(ts.Days) >= 0 Then

                MessageBox.Show("Total Days are " & Convert.ToInt32(ts.Days))


                MessageBox.Show("Invalid Input")

            End If

        End If

    End Sub

Then, Select Two Dates And Click Calculate Button, The Result Will Look Like This.



If User Does Wrong Entry ,Means If End Date Comes Before Start Date , Then Error Message

Will Show as "Invalid Input". Like as below.




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