Chknfts Command In Windows Server 2008

This article describe about Chknfts command in Windows Server 2008 and it's related syntax.
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Chkntfs command is Windows Server 2008 command line tool. Chkntfs command is used to display or modifies automatic checking of the disk drive at boot time.

Chknfts command syntax

chkntfs <Volume> [...]
chkntfs [/d]
chkntfs [/t[:<Time>]]
chkntfs [/x <Volume> [...]]
chkntfs [/c <Volume> [...]]

Parameters of Chknfts command

Parameter Description
<Volume>[...] Specifies the drive letter.
/d Restores the machine to default behaviour. By default, all volumes are checked at boot time and chkdsk runs on those that are dirty.
/t [:<Time>] Changes the autochk initiation countdown time to the amount of time( in seconds).
/x <Volume> [...] At boot time, it excludes one or more specified drive. If the drive is marked as requiring chkdsk then also it is excluded.
/c <Volume> [...] Schedules a drive to be checked when the computer is started.

Note- If above commnand is used without parameters then chknfts command will display file system for specified drive or specified drive is scheduled to be checked on next reboot.


chknfts d:

Above example will display type of file system for D: drive.

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