Configure HTTP over IIS in VB.NET

In this article, you will learn about how to create certificate and configure HTTP over IIS to expose WCF REST Services over HTTPS.
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Introduction: Configure HTTP over IIS.

This artical is all about how to configure HTTP over IIS to expose the WCF REST Services over HTTP.

There are three steps used for exposing a WCF REST Services over HTTP:-

Step 1: Create Certificate

There are two ways of creating certificates:-
  • Create your own certificate.
  • Use a 3rd party provided certificate.

Here, I am creating my own certifricate. To create a certificate, Open 'inetmgr' in Run dialog box:

In the center,you will see an option of Server Certificates.Double click on that.


Now, see in the left, there will a option of 'Create Self Signed Certificate......' click on it.
A dialog box will appear, specify the friendly name as you desire:
Step 2: Configure HTTPS in IIS
The next step is to configure SSL in IIS.For this purpose follow the step below:
  1. Open IIS.
  2. Right click on Sites folder.
  3. Select Default Web Site. 

Select SSL Settings from the Default Web Site Home as shown in the figure:


Click on Binding option of Edit Site in the left pane as shown in the figure as below:


Now, a dialog box will appear. Click on ADD button to add a Binding for HTTPS.


Select HTTPS from dropdown list:


Now we need to select a SSL Cerificate from drop down list and select the name which you specifies previously:


HTTP is configured as below:



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