Copy and Paste in Word 2010

This article describe about Copy and Paste in Word 2010.
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Copy and paste

This article will teach you how to use copy & Paste technique to duplicate text leaving the original text intact removing the original text.

Note: For use Copy & paste or cut & paste Word make a temporary memory is called Clipboard. When you copy the text then text stay in temporary memory, and after choose the paste location paste it.

Copy and paste operation

Copy operation copy the selected text and paste operation paste the copy text at the desire location without deleting the original text.

Following procedure are available for copy the text.

Step 1

Select the block of text that you want to copy.


Step 2

Copy the selected text , through the various method available word for copy

  • Using mouse Right click : When you Right click on the selected text copy option display click on the copy option, selected text store in clipboard.
  • Using Ribbon copy button : You can also use the copy button available in the Ribbon for copy the selected text into the clipboard.
  • Using Ctrl + c key : After the select text you can use Ctrl + c key for copy the content into the clipboard.


Step 3

Finally click at the location where you want to paste the copied text. Following way are available for paste the content that describe below

  • Using mouse Right click : Right click at the location where you want to paste the copied content paste option available click on the paste option as a source key
  • Using Ribbon copy button : click on the paste button available in ribbon for paste the content at new location.
  • Using Ctrl + c key : Simply press Ctrl + v for paste the copied content.


Note: you can apply paste operation several time that you want.

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