Create a crosstab query In Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain Create a crosstab query In Access 2010.
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Create a crosstab query to add another level of grouping
  • A Crosstab is show query for each month product and show subtotals in access 2010.

Note   A crosstab query cannot be displayed in a web browser.

If we can modify the product subtotals query again so that the query returns rows of product subtotals and columns of monthly subtotals.

We can add a total row to the product subtotals query that we created in the previous example by using the following procedure.

  • First we open home tab and then click view button and select design view.

  • After this process we click show table in query setup group.

  • In show table double click order table and then close the show table.


  • On the design tab, we click crosstab in a query type group.

  • In the design grid, the Show row is hidden, and the Crosstab row is displayed.


  • Then we select third column of the design grid, and right click the field row and select the zoom in drop-down list.


  • When we open the Zoom box, then we type the following code.  

  • Month: "Month " & DatePart("m", [Order Date]), and then click ok.


  • In the Crosstab row, select the following values from the drop-down list.

  • Row Heading for the first column, Value for the second column, and Column Heading for the third column.


  • After this process we click the run in design tab.

  • Displays product subtotals, aggregated by month, and save the query.


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