Create Project Server Account In Project 2010

Thia article describes how to create project server account in Project 2010.
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Process for creating project server account in Microsoft Project 2010 is given below.

Step 1

Click on the File tab.

 select-file-tab-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 2

Then click on Info button from the given options.

 select-info-tab-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 3

Then click on Manage Account button.

 manage-account-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 4

Click on Add button.

 add-account-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 5

Now write account name in Account Name tab and also add url in Project Server URL tab.

 add-account-details-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 6

Then clear the Set As Default Account checkbox, if it is checked.

 clear-default-account-checkbox-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 7

Now click on OK button.

 create-account-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 8

Now click on Yes button.

 click-yes-in-project 2010.jpg

Step 9

Similarly you can create several account in Project 2010 by repeating steps from 4 to 8.

 multiple-accounts-in-project 2010.jpg


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