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In this article we are taking about xsl:decimal-format element.
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The xsl:decimal-format is used to declares a decimal-format, which controls the interpretation of a format pattern used by the format-number function. If any attributes is a name attribute, the element declares a named decimal-format otherwise, it declares the default decimal-format.

Syntax of xsl:decimal-format element


  name = "QName"

  decimal-separator = "char"

  grouping-separator = "char"

  infinity = "string"

  minus-sign = "char"

  NaN = "string"

  percent = "char"

  per-mille = "char"

  zero-digit = "char"

  digit = "char"

  pattern-separator = "char" />

It have contain many no of attribute

  • name

    The name attribute contain qualified Names of the decimal-format.

  • grouping-separator

    It is an optional attribute and it used for separate groups of digits. The default is "!".

  • decimal-separator

    It is an optional attribute and it used for separate the integer and the fraction part of a number. The default is "!".

  • infinity

    It is specifies the string used to represent infinity; the default value is the string "Infinity".

  • minus-sign

    Minus-sign is Specifies the character to represent negative numbers and default value is "-".

  • NaN

    Nan specifies the string used when the value is not a number". Default is "Not a Number".

  • percent

    Percent default value is the percent character "%". Specifies the percentage sign character.

  • per-mille

    per-mille specifies the per thousand sign character; the default value is the Unicode per-mille character ("#x2030").

  • zero-digit

    The character used as the digit zero; the default value is the digit zero "0".

  • digit

    digit specifies the character used to indicate a place where a leading zero digit is required. The default value is "#".

  • pattern-separator

    pattern-separator specifies the character used to separate positive and negative subpatterns in a format pattern. The default value is the semi-colon character (";").

Example of  xsl:decimal-format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"


  <xsl:decimal-format name="stand"

  decimal-separator="," grouping-separator="."/>

  <xsl:template match="/">


    select="format-number(30440.3, '#,###.00', 'stand')"/>





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