Differences from Access 2007 And Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain Differences from Access 2007 And Access 2010.
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Differences from Access 2007

Access 2007 is similar to the Access 2010, but when we create a table in Access 2010 there are sum features that pertain to tables.

Data macros

We can now attach macros to events in a tables, we perform successfully whenever a record is modified, inserted, or deleted in a table. Macros can be used to validate data or perform a calculation.

Calculated data type

When we create a field and put a data type then its based on a calculation of other field in the same table.

For Example we might create a data field that contains address field and e-mail field. Then if we update our address and e-mail field so the data field is updated automatically.     

Web service connectivity

When we add a link to external data source, then we now connect to data at web site that provide a web service interface.

Table and field templates are replaced by models

Access 2007 introduced table templates and field templates.

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