Exit Command In Windows server 2008

This article describe about Exit command in windows server 2008 operating system and also explains it's syntax.
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Exit command is command line tool that is built in Windows server 2008. Exit command is used to end the cmd.exe (that is, the command interpreter). You can also use this command within a batch file to exit the current batch script and return to exit the batch file.


exit [/b] [<ExitCode>
Parameter Description
/b Specifies that you want to exit a current batch script rather exiting cmd.exe. If you don't specify this command, the command window closes.
<ExitCode> Specifies exit code for the batch file. You can use the exit codes to alert the caller to errors or special conditions. These codes are not predefined, you can define any set of exit codes necessary for your application.


Closes the cmd.exe


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