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In this article I am describing about Explore Window of Word 2010.
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Explore Word Window

When you open a word document a window appear. Let us understand about this window.

File tab

The Office button from Word 2007 replaced by the File tab in Word 2010

When you click on File tab Backstage view appear, which is used when you want to open or save files, create a new documents, print a document, and other file- related operations.


Quick Access Toolbar

It is present just above the File tab and its main purpose is to provide a convenient resting place for the Word most frequently used commands.

We can also customize Quick Access Toolbar based on us need.




Ribbon have the command that are organized in three components.

  1. Tabs: It is appear right top of the Ribbon and contain groups of related command. For example: Home, Insert etc
  2. Groups: It is contain related command, and every group name show below the group on the Ribbon. For example group clipboard contain all copy, cut, paste option.
  3. Command: It is appear in each group show above in picture.

Title bar

It is middle and top part of the window. It is show Document Title or Document Name.



Microsoft Word has two rulers

  1. Horizontal ruler
  2. Vertical ruler

Just beneath the Ribbon horizontal ruler appear. And its used to set margins and tab stops.

Vertical ruler appear on the left edge of word document. And used for gauge the vertical position of element.



Through Help Icon we can get word related help any time. It is also provide good tutorial about word.


Zoom Control

It is used when you want your text with close. This control consist of slider for increase and decrease the window size, and  present in right corner of bottom.


View Buttons

Five button group appear to the left of the Zoom control, near the bottom of screen called the View Buttons. These are following.

  1. Print Layout view: This option select when you want to see page exactly as they will appear when printed.
  2. Full Screen Reading view: It is used to see your document in full screen look.
  3. Web Layout view: This option show how document looks when you viewed by a Web browser.
  4. Outline view:  This option work with outlines established using Words standard styles.
  5. Draft view: This formats text as it appears on the printed page. And headers and footers aren't shown.


Document area

This is area where you write your text.


Status bar

Status bar are used to display document information and insertion point location also. This bar also contain the total number of pages and words in the document.

We can also customize the status bar by right-clicking on.


Dialog Box Launcher

Dialog Box Launcher appears as small arrow in the lower-right corner of several groups on the Ribbon.

When click on this button dialog box appear that give more information about a specific group.


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