Extract Command In Windows Server 2008

This article describes Extract command in Windows Server 2008 operating system and also explains its syntax..
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Extract command is command-line tool that is built in Windows Server 2008 and is available in Windows NT,  Windows 98 and Windows 95.  Extract command is used to extract the compressed  files and folders that are contained in Windows cabinet file.


EXTRACT [/Y] [/A] [/D | /E] [/L dir] cabinet [filename ...]
EXTRACT [/Y] source [newname]
EXTRACT [/Y] /C source destination
Parameters of extract command
Parameter Description
/Y User is not prompted before overwriting an existing file.
/A Performs operations on all cabinet files.
/D Display lists of file or set of files in cabinet. Use this command with file name to avoid extract.
/E Extract the file.
/L dir Specifies location where the files are to be extracted.
cabinet Contains two or more files.
filename Specifies the name of file  that  you want to extract. Wildcards(* and?) may be used.
source Cabinet with only one file.
newname Specifies new filename given to extracted file. If this parameter is not given than original name will be used.
/c Copies one or more than one file from source to destination. Use this command with file name to avoid extract.

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