Features of Stored Procedure in SQL

In this article I am going to explain about feature of stored procedure.
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Features of Stored Procedure

Stored Procedure is much popular and it is used in database design because it have a lots of features.

Some feature of stored procedure are describing below

  • Stored procedure are precompiled. we don't need to recompile again the stored procedure at using time. It makes stored procedure faster than execution of normal SQL statement.
  • A store procedure can call to other stored procedure.
  • A store procedure can call itself. A stored procedure call itself called recursion or recursive call.  
  • Stored procedure implement the concept of abstraction because user of stored procedure does not know about code and designing of stored procedure. It increase security.
  • It is good for application programmer or end user who does not know more about database. application programmer or end user don't need to know how to code in SQL.
  • You can restrict application programmer or end user to call only specific stored procedure but not execute other SQL statement. It increase security of database from  unauthorized access of database.

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