Find Text in Word 2010

This article describe about how to Find Text in Word 2010.
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Find Text

When you are working in word document at the purpose of edit, a situation come where same text present several time in your word document. Then you need to find a particular word for edit to do so in simple way.

Find Command

This command enable you to search specific text in your document. Do the following steps to find a word document.


Write some simple text in your word document or use =rand() and press enter simple written automatically.

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Step 2

In the Editing group click on the Find option which present within the Home tab or Press Ctrl + F for open a Navigate pane.


Step 3

Type a word which you want to search in the Navigate pane search box, just finish the typing word highlight in the document.


Step 4

To perform another search click on the clear button (X) and type other word.


Step 5

You can also Click on the option button to display option menu and then click option for this display a list of option. And you can select one of them like use wildcards.


Step 6

At last after doing the searching operation, close the Navigate pane by click on the close button (X).

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