Fsutil Command In Windows Server 2008

This article explains Fsutil command in Windows Server 2008 operating system and syntax related with it.
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Fsutil command in Windows Server 2008 is used to performs tasks that are related to file allocation table (FAT) and NTFS file system. This command is used to perform tasks such as managing reparse points, managing sparse files or dismounting a volume. Fsutil command have various subcommands some of them are given below.

Subcommands Of Fsutil

Subcommand Description
Fsutil 8dot3name Queries or changes the settings for short name behavior on the system.
Fsutil behavior Queries or sets NTFS volume behavior.
Fsutil dirty Queries whether the volume's dirty bit is set or sets a volume's dirty bit.
Fsutil file Finds a file by user name.
Fsutil fsinfo Lists all drives and queries the drive type, volume information, NTFS-specific volume information, or file system statistics.
Fsutil hardlink Creates a hard link.
Fsutil objectid Manages object identifiers, which are used by the Windows operating system to track objects such as files and directories.
Fsutil quota Manages disk quotas on NTFS volumes to provide more precise control of network-based storage.
Fsutil repair Queries or sets the self-healing state of the volume.
Fsutil reparsepoint Queries or deletes reparse points.
Fsutil resource Creates a Secondary Transactional Resource Manager (TRM), starts or stops a TRM, or displays information about a TRM.
Fsutil sparse Manages sparse files.
Fsutil transaction Commits a specified transaction, rolls back a specified transaction.
Fsutil usn Manages the update sequence number (USN) change journal, which provides a persistent log of all changes made to files on the volume.
Fsutil volume Manages a volume.

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