Getmac Command In Windows Server 2008

This article describes Getmac command in Windows Server 2008 and syntax related with it.
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Getmac command-line tool built into Windows server 2008  enables you to obtain MAC (media access control) address and list of network protocols associated with each address for all network cards in each computer, either locally or across a network. Basic syntax for using Getmac command is given below.

Getmac command syntax

getmac[.exe][/s <Computer> [/u <Domain\<User> [/p <Password>]]][/fo {TABLE | LIST | CSV}][/nh][/v]
Parameter Description
/s <Computer> Denotes the IP address, host name, or DNS name of the remote computer you want the MAC address for.
/u <Domain>\<User> Specifies the User or Domain context under which command will run. The default is the permissions of the current logged on user on the computer issuing the command.
/p <Password> Assigns the password of the user account.
/fo {TABLE | LIST | CSV} Specifies the format for the output in which it is displayed. Values are TABLE, LIST and CSV. If not specified, default format for output is TABLE.
/nh Specifies that  in column header is not displayed in output. This parameter is valid for TABLE and CSV formats.
/v Displays the output in verbose mode.


1.Display the MAC address of each local network adapter.

getmac /v

2. Display MAC address of each local network adapter in the table format without displaying column header in output.

getmac /fo table /nh /v

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