Grouping Tasks In Logical Order In Microsoft Project 2010

This article explains how to group tasks in logical order in Project 2010.
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Project 2010 helps you to organize your tasks into more manageable chunks. You can indent related tasks under a more general task, creating a hierarchy. The general tasks are called summary tasks and the indented tasks below the summary task are sub tasks.

Step 1

Click on the first activity of the group of activities you want to group. For the example Activities 6 , 7 and 8.


Step 2

Then click on the option "New Task" in the "Insert" Menu to insert a new task that will represent the name of the group. For example "Group1".


Note: Give group name that you want to make.


Step 3

Then select the tasks below (6,7 and 8) and then click in the option "Indent Task" in the "Task" menu.


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