Hashgen Command In Windows Server 2008

This article shows how to use Hashgen command in Windows Server 2008 operating system.
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Hashgen command in Windows Server 2008 is used to creates or deletes BranchCache content information, also called as hashes, for the content in the specified directory on a BranchCache-capable file server. Syntax for using Hashgen command is given below.


hashgen [-q] [-t: : HH : MM] [-d] [-f] <directory>

Parameters For Hashgen

Parameter Description
directory Defines the folder location that contains the content for which you want to generate content information.
-q Defines that the command is run in quiet mode.
-t : HH : MM Defines the maximum amount of time that content information can be generated before Hashgen stops processing content.
-d Defines the content information that you want to delete.
-f Defines that hashgen force the generation of content information for the specified directory

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