How to add text to a placeholder in PowerPoint 2010

In this article I have described about to to add text to a placeholder in PowerPoint 2010.
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Text in placeholder in PowerPoint 2010

  • For specific types of information into placeholders in our template then we can add text in placeholder.
  • If we add a Text box in Normal view then the text is editable by anyone.
  • For permanent and uneditable text in our template then add a text box in Slide Master view.

Add text to a placeholder

To add text to a placeholder we should follow the following steps


First of all Click inside the placeholder and then type or paste text.



To change the line spacing, do the following

  • Drag to select one or more lines of text for which you want to change the spacing.


  • Then on the Home tab in the Paragraph group click the Dialog Box Launcher.


  • Then In the Paragraph dialog box click on the Indents and Spacing tab.


  • Finally make any changes that you want to alignment, indentation or spacing and then click OK.


NOTE - To add text that becomes part of a shape select the shape and then type or paste text.

  • To change the direction of the text then click on Text Direction in paragraph group.


  • To change the text alignment then click on Align Text in paragraph group.


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