How to Ajax work in PHP

In this article I am going to explain How to Ajax work in PHP.
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In this technology if we want to get any information from a database or a file on the server, or send user information to a server, we will have to make an HTML form and GET or POST data to the server. The user will have to click the "Submit" button to send or get the information, wait for the server to respond, and then a new page will load with the results.

Because the server returns a new page each and every time the user submits input, traditional web applications can run slowly and tend to be less user-friendly  using AJAX,  our JavaScript communicates directly with the server using the JavaScript XMLHttpRequest object.

HTTP request, a web page can make a request to, and get a response from a web server, without reloading the page. The user will stay on the same page, and he or she will not notice that scripts request pages, or send data to a server in the background.


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