How to Configure E - Mail in SQL Server

In this article I am going to explain how to Configure E - Mail in SQL Server.
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In this article I am going to explain how to Configure E - Mail. You can send E-Mail from SQL server. Before sending e mail we have to configure e mail in SQL server.  Here I am explaining how to configure it.

Steps to configure E - Mail in SQL server

Step 1 : Start SQL server :


Step 2 : Expend Management and select Database Mail => Then select Configure database mail :


Step 3 :  Database configuration wizard appear, click on Next button :


Step 4 : There are four option, select first option " Set up Database Mail by performing the fallowing task" and click on Next button :


Step 5 : Now you have to put Profile name and Description and click on Add button to fill other detail :


Step 6 : A new window appear click on New Account :


Step 7 : Now You have to put other detail like account name, description, email address, server name, port number, user name and password  and click on "OK " :


Step 8 : Now you will see that vipendra account is added and click on next :


Step 9 : It show some information about your mail account and click on Next Button :


Step 10 : This window show information about your account name, mail server and profile name. If every thing ok then click on finish button to complete process :


Step 11 : It show a new window which display information that mail is successful configured :


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