How to connect with Adaptive Server Enterprise ODBC Driver

This article explains the connection with Adaptive Server Enterprise ODBC Driver
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Introduction :

Any client application that uses Adaptive Server Enterprise must establish a connection to that server, before any work can be done. The connection forms a channel, through which all activity from the client application takes place. The ASE ODBC Driver uses connection information included in the call from the client application to locate and connect to an ASE server running the required database.

How connection parameters work :

When an application connects to a database, it uses a set of connection parameters to define the connection. Connection parameters include information such as the server name, the database name, and a user ID. A keyword-value pair specifies each connection parameter. These connection parameters are passed as connection string separates by semicolon.

Driver=={Adaptive Server Enterprise};server=server_add;port=port_num; db=database_name;uid=user_name;pwd=password;

Configuring the ASE ODBC Driver :

When connecting to the database, ODBC applications typically use ODBC data sources. An ODBC data source is a set of connection parameters, stored in the registry or in a file. ODBC data sources on non-Windows platforms typically reside in an ini file. Most ODBC Driver Managers provide a GUI tool to configure ODBC Driver and data sources.

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