How to create a web application in DART language

In this article, i am going to explain all steps to creating a web application in DART language.
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Create a new Web application in DART

By the help of DART you can also manage web related  DART application. For creating a simple web related application in DART. There are the following steps, which is helpful for creating a web application in DART for new users:

  1. First download a DART software, who is supported by your operating system.
  2. After download and  installing your Dart software, choose a New Application in file menu from your DART software.
  3. And after it, you write a your web application name in front of  given name index.
  4. Set a directory, where you want to save your web application.
  5. In the fifth step, you have two radio button in a DART, one for command line application and second one for web application, if you want to create a web application then must be choose a web application .
  6. After the compilation of all these step you click on the finish button. Then you find out a automatically created a web application. If you want then you can edit it,  according to your desire output.
  7. Example of simple web application



    void main() {

      show('Welcome to Dart!');



    void show(String message) {




  8. After editing that application, You will go to run menu, and in it run button is specify, and a little arrow is specified at the right of the run button. You click on arrow , a dialog is appears,  you saw a manage launch option, you click on that option.
  9. After clicked on that a option a window will be open. In this window also a run button is given, and it a little arrow is also specified at the right of run button. Click on arrow a dialog is open, you choose a javascript launch.
  10. After it, whatever file you want to run, browse by browser button in a html radio option.
  11. Uncheck a user default system browser checkbox in browser legend.
  12. The browser button will be appears in browser legend. you can browser exe, in which you want to run your DART web application.
  13. After completing all these step, you clicked on run button.
  14. The output is shown on your browser like:


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