How to create Entity in XML

In this article I have describe about create XML Entity.
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How to use entity in XML

An entity is created XML syntax and created by the Document Type Definition (DTD). If we have define a entity in DTD then we use XML documents.

Syntax of defining XML Entity code

  • When we define entity then we use <!ENTITY entity Name or definition name.
  •  Entity name is define the name of entity and definition is define the definition of entity.  
<!ENTITY intro "Hello I am MCN Solution">

The name of the entity is intro, and definition of entity is "Hello I am MCN Solution".

Using your entity

When we use entity, we also write entity in DTD, and represent by the &entity-name.


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE tutorials [

  <!ENTITY footer "Hello I am MCN Solution!">




    <name>XML Tutorial</name>





    <name>HTML Tutorial</name>






Code Explanation

  • In this example we want to repeat some text "Hello I am MCN Solution" in our output.

  • Entity "footer" is created &footer to represent the text show for every time.

  • If you want to change the text then we change it in one place-the definition.

  • &footer use to print the message for any position.

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