How to Create Stored Procedure in SQL

In this article I am going to explain about how to create stored procedure.
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CREATE PROC statement is used to create a stored procedure. During creating a stored procedure we need to remember that stored procedure names can't be same as the name of any other object of database.

Here I am going to explain some basic terms of stored procedure

  • CREATE PROC Statement is used to create a stored procedure.
  • CREATE PROC  Statement must be first statement in batch.
  • We can create temporary stored procedure in SQL server. In temporary stored procedure we use # sign as prefix with name in local stored procedure and ## sign as prefix with name of global stored procedure.
  • You can pass one or more parameter in stored procedure from calling program of stored procedure.
  • WITH RECOMPILE Statement restrict the stored procedure to be recompiled every time when it is used in application. It reduces system performance so avoid it.
  • WITH ENCRYPTION Statement in Stored prevents users to view the code of stored procedure.

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