How to declare Variables in Dart

In this article you will learn how to declare variables in Dart Language.
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Variable in Dart

A Dart variable referring to memory location used in a computer program or variable are storage location in memory.

Syntax of dart language variable

declared identifier  variable name = value;  i,e; var  name='Dart';

Example of Dart variable

void main() {
  var name='Google Dart !';




  • Default value

            If you do not assign any value in dart variable; then it returns null.

Example of default value in dart language

void main() {
  var name;
  print("Hello ,${name}!");




  • Final variable

             A final variable can be assigned only once; if you reassigned it, then it gives compile time error.

Example of final variable

void main() {
  final name="Google Dart";
 name='You are  trying to change a final variable';  //Error
  print("Hello It is a default value,${name}!");




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