How to enable JavaScript in Different browser

In this article we will discuss about how to enable JavaScript in different Web Browsers in JavaScript.
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Today's modern browsers are coming with the built in support for the JavaScript but if we want we can enable or disable the JavaScript manually. These are the following steps for different different web browsers to enable the JavaScript. Lets have a look:

Enabling JavaScript in Internet Explorer.

Here are some steps to enable or disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer:

  1. Select Tools menu and from it choose Internet Options option.
  2. Choose Security tab from opened dialog box.
  3. Click on Custom Level button.
  4. Select Scripting Option from the Security setting dialog box.
  5. Under Active Scripting select enable radio button.
  6. Then click on ok button.

Enabling JavaScript in FireFox:

Here are some steps to enable JavaScript in FireFox browser.

  1. Select Tools menu and from it choose Options menu option from it.
  2. Choose Content option from this dialog box.
  3. Choose enable JavaScript checkbox.
  4. Then click on Ok button.
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