How to Implement Fifth Normal Form

In this article I am going to explain how to Implement fifth normal form.
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Normalization is used to organize the content of table. Normalization is a technique which eliminate redundancy and inconsistent dependency of data from database. Normalization makes database more flexible.

Basic Goal of normalization

  • Arrange data in database in to logical grouping.
  • Eliminate redundancy of data, it means minimizing the duplicate data in database.
  • Eliminate inconsistency of data.

Fifth Normal Form

For a table in fifth normal from it must be in fourth normal form and can not be further non loss decomposed. Fifth normal form (5NF), also known as Project-join normal form (PJ/NF).


Table in Fourth Normal Form but not in Fifth Normal Form

Company Product Supplier
Tata Salt Vipendra
Tata Car Vipendra
Tata Car Deepak
Tata Car Rahul
Reliance Salt Vipendra
Reliance Salt Deepak
Reliance Car Rahul

Now we divide this table in three different tables and these tables are in fifth normal form.

Table 1

Company Product
Tata Salt
Tata Car
Reliance Salt
Reliance Car

Table 2

Product Supplier
Salt Vipendra
Car Vipendra
Car Deepak
Car Rahul
Salt Deepak

Table 3

Company Supplier
Tata Vipendra
Tata Deepak
Tata Rahul
Reliance Vipendra
Reliance Deepak
Reliance Rahul

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