How to Introduce XQuery in XML

In this article I am going to explain about XQuery in XML.
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XQuery Introduction

XQuery stands for XML Query. XQuery is the language for storing, retrieving and manipulating data from XML document. Such as SQL for database. XQuery mainly design for XML data not for XML file.

  • XQuery is the language for working with XML data.
  • XQuery build on XPath expression.
  • XQuery build for XML such as SQL for Database.
  • XQuery is a W3C recommendation from 23 January 2007
  • XQuery can be use in web services for extracts information
  • XQuery can be use for creating summary reports.
  • XQuery can be use for converts XML data in XHTML format.
  • XQuery supports in all major database.
  • It works in all major browser.

Primitive data type in XQuery

The primitive data type are same as XML Schema

  • Numbers, including integers and floating-point numbers.
  • The Boolean value is true and false.
  • Strings of characters, for example: "Hell". These are immutable.
  • Various type to represent Date, Time and duration.


Xpath also use for manipulating with XML document. XPath2.0 and XQuery1.0 have same data model and function for manipulating XML document.

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