How to Restore Database in SQL Server

In this article I am going to explain how to use database backup in SQL Server.
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In this article I am going to explain how to use database backup in SQL Server.  In SQL server we can make database backup using Enterprise Manager.  To create a database backup, SQL server dialog box is used. In this dialog box we need to put need to put name and description of database backup.

We use backup database when our database corrupted or crash.   

Steps to use database backup using Enterprise Manager in SQL server

Step 1 : Start SQL server :


Step 2 : Expend database and select database => Right click on selected database => Now click on Task => Then click on Restore =>  Than click on database :


Step 3 :  Restore dialog box appear  to restore database backup :


Step 4 : Now verify database or select different database in database list box  for destination database :


Step 5 : Now  specify the source and location of backup set to restore. Select from device :


Step 6 : Dialog box appear, to add backup location click on "Add " button  :


Step 7 : A new dialog box appear, we select backup file and click on "OK " :


Step 8 : Now we see that file is selected and click on "OK" :


Step 9 : Now in restore dialog box select restore file and click on ok to complete the process  :


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