How To Set Field Properties In Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain How To Set Field Properties In Access 2010.
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Set field properties

When we create a field, then we set a field properties in a access 2010. Properties controls the appearance and behavior.

For example, by setting field properties in access.

  • First we controls appearance data in a  access field.
  • Properties are the process to stop the incorrect data enter in a field.
  • Specify default values for a field.
  • Its help to searching and sorting on a field.

We complete the process, we must use design view.

Set field properties in datasheet view

  • We can rename a field, change its data type, change its Format property, and change some of a field's.
  • Other properties while we work in Datasheet view.

Open a table in datasheet view

  • First we right click the table where we want want to use it, in the navigation pane.
  • Then we enter shortcut menu and click datasheet view in access.

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