How to use chr in PHP

In this article, I will explain how the chr() function can be used in PHP.
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chr() function in PHP

  • The chr() function is used to return a character from the specified ASCII value.
  • In  chr() function, Octal values are defined by a leading 0.
  • In  chr() function, hex values are defined by leading 0x.




  • ascii ascii is required parameter. it's represent ASCII value.


The following example show to how the chr() function can be used in PHP.



<h3 style="color: darkblue;">chr() function example in PHP</h3>


    echo "ASCII value of 78 : ". chr(78)."<br />";

    echo "ASCII value of 052 : ".chr(052)."<br />";

    echo "ASCII value of 0x78 : ".chr(0x78)."<br />";






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