How to use Contextmenu Attribute in HTML5

In this article I am going to explain about Contextmenu attribute in Html5.
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Contextmenu Attribute in HTML5

Contextmenu attribute use for create context menu for any element in html document. Context menu appears when user right-click on an element. Contextmenu is new in HTML5.

Browser that supports Contextmenu Attribute

Contextmenu attribute is not currently supported in any browser


<ElementName contextmenu="menuid">




    <p contextmenu="menu">

        Rigt click for display contextmenu</p>

    <menu id="menu">

        <command label="Open">

  <command label="Edit" >

  <command label="Delete" >

  <command label="Rename" >



        Contextmenu is not currentlly supported in any browser</p>






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