How to use debug backtrace in PHP

This article describe about debug_backtrace() function in PHP.
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debug_backtrace() function

This function generate a backtrace.

Function display data from the code that led up to the debug_backtrace() function.

It return the associative array.

Name Type Description
function string Function Name
line integer The present line number.
file string The present file name.
class string The present file name.
object object The present object.
type string Possible call
  • Returns: "->" - Method call
  • Returns: "::" - Static method call
  • Returns nothing - Function call
args array list of the function argument.






function one($str1, $str2)
two("Glokha", "Quage");
function two($str1, $str2)
three("Clever", "Gray");
function three($str1, $str2)

one("Peter", "Griffin");



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