How to use Filesystem file get contents in PHP

In this article I am going to explain about file_get_contents function in PHP.
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PHP file_get_contents() function

The filesystem file_get_contents function read entire file into a string because it will use memory mapping techniques.

Syntax of file_get_contents  function

file_get_contents(path, includePath, context, start, max_length)

Parameters in file_get_contents  function

It have five parameter:

Parameter Description
path It specifies path to read a file.
includePath IncludePath specifies a search file.
context It specifies the context of the file handle.
start It specifies where in the file to start to read.
max_length It specifies how many byte to read.

Example of filesystem file_get_contents function




echo "Orignal File data is :PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language.";

echo "</br>";

echo "After the use of file_get_contents function the data is:";

$getFile= file_get_contents("C:\wamp\www\Dinesh\PhpIntro.txt",NULL, NULL, 3,12);

echo $getFile;





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