How to use HTML Background Attribute

In this article we will discuss about how to insert the image as background in the body of the HTML document.
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In HTML we can insert the image as a background in the body of the HTML document. It is possible by using background attribute in the <body> Tag and we can set any kind of image in the background of the HTML document whether it is gif or jpeg . We can also set the back color in the body of the HTML document. HTML is not case sensitive language so we can write Background or background interchangeably.


<body background="hh.jpeg">

    <font size="7" color="firebrick" face="monotype corsiva">The sad news is, nobody owes

        you a career.


        Your career is literally your business.<br>

        You own it as a sole proprietor.<br>

        You have one employee: yourself.</font>





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