How to use HTML5 Canvas line Join

This article describe about HTML5 Canvas line Join.
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HTML5 canvas Line Join

HTML5 canvas line Join is use line Join context property.

It is use three line joins: miter, round or bevel.  

The HTML5 Canvas line join property is defaulted with the miter style.


      context.lineJoin = 'round';








        margin: 0px;

        padding: 0px;




        border: 1px solid #9C9898;




        window.onload = function ()


            var canvas = document.getElementById("myCanvas");

            var context = canvas.getContext("2d");


            // set line width for all lines

            context.lineWidth = 25;


            // miter line join (left)

            context.beginline Join();

            context.moveTo(99, 150);

            context.lineTo(149, 50);

            context.lineTo(199, 150);

            context.lineJoin = "miter";

            context.strokeStyle = "red";



            // round line join (middle)

            context.beginline Join();

            context.moveTo(239, 150);

            context.lineTo(289, 50);

            context.lineTo(339, 150);

            context.lineJoin = "round";

            context.strokeStyle = "blue";



            // bevel line join (right)

            context.beginline Join();

            context.moveTo(379, 150);

            context.lineTo(429, 50);

            context.lineTo(479, 150);

            context.lineJoin = "bevel";

            context.strokeStyle = "orange";







    <canvas id="myCanvas" width="578" height="200"></canvas>





Line Join.jpg

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