How to use HTML5 Web SQL database

This article describe about HTML5 Web SQL database and it's functionality.
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HTML5 - Web SQL Database

Actually Web SQL Database API is not a part of HTML5 specification, but it is a individual specification for manipulate a set of APIs in client-side database using SQL
Note: The Web SQL Database will work in mostly modern version of  Safari, Chrome and Opera.

The Core Methods:

Here we describe about core method, which are three in a number

  1. openDatabase: The openDatabase method creates the database object weather database is existing or new database creating.
  2. transaction: The transaction method give you ability to control a transaction by using commit and rollback in the situation.
  3. executeSql: The executeSQL method is used to execute  SQL query.

Opening Database:

The opening Database method is used to open the database if database does not already open. For exciting this method database must be exits.

var dab = openDatabase('empdb', '1.0', 'test DB', 2 * 1024 * 2048);

Note: Above declared method following five paramters:

  1. Name of database
  2. Version number
  3. Text description
  4. Size of database
  5. Creation callback

Note: The 5th argument, call only when database is being created. Without this feature the databases are still being created on the fly and correctly versioned.

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