How to use Intersolv 3.11 ODBC driver

This article explains how to use intersolv 3.11 ODBC driver and commands related to it.
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ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). An ODBC driver enables an ODBC-compliant application to use a data source. Connection string used to connect to Intersolv 3.11 ODBC driver contains DataSourceName (DSN), ApplicationusingThreads (AUT), CreateType (CT), Database (DB), DeferQueryEvaluation (DQ), FileOpenCache (FOC), IntlSort (IS), NetDir (ND), Passwords (PW), UltraSafeCommit (USF), UseLongQualifiers (ULQ). It is not necessary to define all the parameters most of them can be set at the DSN system config.



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