How to use iso-server in google DART language

In this article, i will go to explain about DART iso-server.
  • 2018


DART iso-server display web server library that dynamically loads code from filesystem to handle HTTp requests. The purpose of isoserver:

  • To show, how to dynamically load scripts into an isolate.
  • Pay with one may to build a 'hot-swapping' server.

For listing a server request:




void main() {

  new IsoletServer().defaultRequestHandler = (req, res) {

    res.headers.set(HttpHeaders.CONTENT_TYPE, "text/html");





For using the library server scripts:




void main() {

  HttpServer server = new HttpServer();

  Path root = new Path(new Directory.current().path);

  IsoServerHandler handler = new IsoServerHandler(root);

  server.defaultRequestHandler = handler.handleRequest;

  server.listen("", 8080);

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