How to use rdpsign command in Window Server 2008

In this article I am going to explain about rdsign command in window server 2008 operating system.
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Rdpsign command in Window Server 2008

Rdpsign command enables you to digitally sign a Remote Desktop Protocol(.rdp) file.

Syntax of
Rdpsign command

rdpsign /sha1 <hash> [/q | /v |] [/l] <fileName.rdp>

Parameters in Rdpsign command

There are the following parameter in the Rdpsign command:

Parameter Description
/sha1 <hash> It specifies the thumbprint, which is the secure hash algorithm like SHA1
/q It specifies quiet mode.
/v It specifies verbose mode, means it display all warning, messages and ststus.
/l It tests the singing and output result without actually replacing any of input file.

Example of Rdpsign command

rdpsign /sha1 hash McnSolution.rdp

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