How to use string operation in String Function Using XPath in Xml

In this article I will explain string operation of string function.
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String function is used to convert the object to the string. The types of conversion from object to string are:

  • Converting node-sets to string
  • Converting numbers to string
  • Converting Booleans to string
  • Converting objects to string


string string (object?)

Converting node-sets to string : The string() function converts a node-set to a string by returning the string value of the first node in the node-set, for example if we write the node-set like, <ColorName>


Now the following function we can perform:

  • The following string function return the first node that is "Red"
  • If I want to display all the color name together means the concatenation of all the child element of the ColorName node then I write as,
    Output is as "RedBlueGreenWhite"
  • We can also apply the other function within the string function like,
    This function return false as the string(//ColorName()) gives the first element node that is Red.
  •  To search the other color name we write as,
    contains( . ,  "Green")
    Now it will return true as string(.) convert the string as "RedBlueGreenWhite" which contain the element Green.

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