How to use UniObjects for .NET

This article describes how UniObjects for .NET can be used
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Introduction :

UniObjects for .NET is an interface to the UniData and UniVerse databases through Microsoft .NET. UniObjects for .NET is a proprietary middleware application program interface (API) designed specifically for software development in the .NET Framework. This interface is managed code written in C# Common Language Runtime (CLR). Software developers can use the UniObjects to create the applications and services. UniObjects for .NET separates the code that handles error exceptions from the normal code flow.

Syntax :

UniSession us1 = UniObjects.OpenSession("DENVER\\asmith", "user_name", "password", "databaseAccount", "UVCS");

For UniObject class user have to use static OpenSession method because there is no connection string is defined for the Unisession class. In the above connection string the UVCS parameter tells the object to connect to UniVerse.

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