How to use window object outerWidth and outerHeight in JavaScript

In this article i am going to explain about outerWidth and outerHeight of JavaScript.
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OuterWidth and OuterHeight  property in JavaScript window object

The outerWidth and outerHeight properties determine the dimensions, in pixels, if the outside boundary, including all interface elements, of a window.

Syntax of OuterWidth and OuterHeight   property


Browser support

The outerWidth and outerHeight   property is supported in all major browser.

Example of  OuterWidth and OuterHeight  property

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>JavaScript Window Object : OuterHeight Property. Example-1</title>



<h1 style="color:blue">OuterHeight and outerWidth Property</h1>

<script type="text/javascript">

    function newwindow() {

        win1 =' ', ' ')

        win1.outerHeight = "300"

        win1.outerWidth = "250"

        win1.document.write("<p>Here OuterHeight and OuterWidth property of window object</p>");



<form name="form1" action="#">

<br />

<input type="button" name="bt1" value="Click Here for new window." onclick='newwindow()' />





outerheight and outerwidth property.jpg

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