How to use XQuery context function in XML

This article deals with XQuery context function
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Context Function

The built-in context functions are defined below-

  • last Function

    fn:last function returns the context size from the dynamic context.

Syntax of last function

fn:last() as xs:integer


Example of fn:last function

The expression (1 to 25) then [fn:last() -1] returns 24.

  • position Function

    fn:position function returns the context position from the dynamic context.

Syntax of position function

fn:position() as xs:integer

Example of fn:position function

The expression (10 to 20) then [fn:position() eq 6] returns 15.

  • current-date Function

    The fn:current-date function returns the current date with time zone.

Syntax of current-date function

fn:current-date() as xs:date

Example of current-date function

fn:current-date() returns current date with time zone like 2012-07-13 6:57

  • current-time Function

    The fn:current-time function returns the current time with time zone.

Syntax of current-time function

fn:current-time() as xs:time

Example of current-time function

fn:current-time() returns current time with time zone like 7:04:07 UTC _5:30

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